Discover the unknown by playing science-themed slots


Science is one of the most important elements in society, and thanks to science we have come a long way. For that reason, the existence of casino games regarding science could not be missing and for sure they catch the attention of many players.

When playing science-themed slots, we can find many types of scenarios and graphics. Starting with the oldest known Alchemy which was a form of chemistry and speculative philosophy practiced in the Middle Ages, up to the current laboratories where liquids, diseases, and new inventions are studied. Players can also enjoy traveling to space, robotics, or archeology.

In science-themed slots, the player is in an aura of ancient mystery, surrounded by mysterious places. The games are full of skull images, atoms, cans with potions, and bottles with strange liquids. Some include a mad scientist in a laboratory doing various experiments.

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What's more, we can immerse ourselves in the world of today's energy sources, such as refineries, electricity, etc. We can taste the adventure of an intrepid archaeologist who discovered dinosaur bones. Some players would love to travel through space as an astronaut, exploring planets, and stars. All with excellent graphics and scenarios that will make the player feel like just another investigator. Enjoy the science world with some of the following online casino slots.

  • Yule be rich
    Yule be rich
  • Wonder women
    Wonder women
  • Wonder woman
    Wonder woman
  • Wolves wolwes wolwes
    Wolves wolwes wolwes
  • Wolf cub
    Wolf cub
  • Wish master
    Wish master
  • Winnings of oz
    Winnings of oz
  • Wings of riches
    Wings of riches



Top Science themed slots


Reel Attraction

This game is all about the invisible forces of physics which are at play in the world around us. The dynamics of this slot machine consists of joining the crazy professor immersed in the scientific theme, where you can create some explosive experiments, which allow you to obtain prizes. In the laboratory that belongs to the mad professor, you can observe card symbols, and figures such as magnifying glasses, microscopes and scientists.

Warlock's Book

It is a casino slot with many surprises, designed to create a sense of mystery and curiosity that no player can resist. The Warlock's Book slot design has a variety of interesting and worth mentioning aspects. The theme of this game shows black magic, so it takes place in a very dark environment. It is a place of sorcery, whit candles, potions and human skulls around. On the reels we can see symbols like rolled documents, caravels, gems, hourglasses and much more. The audio design is excellent, as it conveys fear and suspense while betting.

Power Plant

This slot is inspired by the theme of power plants, where the game unfolds in a nuclear reactor that can be seen in the center of the screen. The Power Plant online slot takes place in a futuristic and intergalactic world. You can configure the functions you want, which will be executed randomly. You will be delighted by attractive high resolution graphics, animations, and good quality sounds during the game.

Adventures In Orbit

A casino slot that offers an interesting science-fiction theme where you can admire the emptiness in space. In the same way, you will be able to delight yourself with the symbols that appear on the reels, among which are Androids, aliens, planets, spaceships, lightning trucks and robots. This slot offers you great prizes and internal games as a bonus round where you will have to help an alien repair his spaceship.


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